Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold | Mini Review

What is it?

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold is a first-person shooter developed by JAM Productions and published by Apogee Software. Built within an upgraded version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine, the titular protagonist must blast through over 66 levels full of guards, mutants and aliens in order to prevent the notorious Dr. Pyrus Goldfire from attacking Earth.



Bright and colourful with some nice sound effects and a decent soundtrack.
Informant NPCs give you ammo and food tokens.
More weapons, enemy types and distinguishable rooms compared to Wolfenstein 3D.
Shows on your HUD which enemy is attacking.
The map is pretty handy for a Wolf3D clone.
Confusing level layout.
Cursed with sluggish movement and the inability to strafe.
Hitscan turrets are a pain.
Too lengthy, awfully samey.
You need to bring up the level stats in order to use the map.


Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold was unfortunately released when DOOM came out, so it’s no wonder it didn’t sell so well. Honestly, the title still feels a bit too close to Wolfenstein 3D, flaws and all. It’s got a few clever ideas and isn’t too bad on the whole, but it’s primarily bogged down by its iffy level design and sluggish pace. This one’s less gold than bronze.


2 Stars


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