Blake Stone: Planet Strike | Mini Review

What is it?

Blake Stone: Planet Strike is a first-person shooter developed by JAM Productions and published by Apogee Software. Once again built within an upgraded version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine, it picks off after the events of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. Dr. Goldfire, thought to have been defeated, is confirmed to be still alive, and is creating an alien army to enslave Earth. The titular protagonist must eliminate the doctor and his hordes of extra-terrestrial troops.



Easier objective for on each level: find a fission bomb, destroy the security cube, exit via lift.
Informant NPCs still give you ammo and food tokens.
Reworked graphics still look good, weapons look more detailed.
Map is now a part of the HUD, can zoom in to see secret areas.
24 levels this time, now with better designs.
Very familiar to the previous game.
Still cursed with sluggish movement and a lack of strafing.
Hitscan enemies are always a pain.


Blake Stone: Planet Strike is more of the same (maze navigating, key hunting, recycled enemies etc.), but better. It’s nothing particularly revolutionary, but it still feels like a step-up over both Wolfenstein 3D and the previous game. It’s condensed in size, has some neat new features, and its levels are more enjoyable to navigate. DOOM still kicks it in the teeth and robs it of its lunch money, but it’s still decent.


3 Stars

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