Blazing Beaks | Mini Review

What is it?

Blazing Beaks is a procedurally-generated top-down shooter. As a cute bird or duck, you need to defeat all enemies on each stage to advance. The only way of earning money is to collect items that hinder your performance and sell them at the store. You’ll only have one life per session, so dying will send you back to the start.


PC, Switch, PS4

Collecting anti-power-ups is a mischievous twist.
Couch-play co-op.
Mod support in Steam workshop, plenty of characters to pick from.
Solid shooting mechanics.
Great visuals.
Some unfair enemies that dish out too much damage.
Replaying from level 1 each time is a repetitive grind.
Frustrating difficulty.


Blazing Beaks is deceptively punishing stuff. Grinding through Blazing Beaks over and over will no doubt ruffle some feathers (the price tag is a little bit high for a game this repetitive) but it’s still a pretty fly title that’s certainly worth flocking to if you want to challenge yourself.


3 Stars


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