Blood & Bacon | Mini Review

What is it?

Blood & Bacon is a first-person shooter developed by Big Corporation and published by Grunge Games. A farm is being overrun by crazed pigs. You need to help the farmer by killing all the lifestock that are present on each day. After every 10 days, you must fight a boss.



Lots of unlockable weapons.
Meat grinder spits out ammo and power-ups.
Good fun in co-op mode.
Can be damn challenging.
Over-exaggerated amounts of gore.
Looks like crap.
All weapons have the same reload animation.
Boss battles drag on for a bit.
Terrible voice acting.
The moon rover game mode is incredibly dull.


Utterly stupid and completely aware of it, Blood & Baconis janky as balls, but can be a good time-waster on occasions, when the difficulty isn’t too high or low. You can buy it for the price of a chocolate bar, and it’s worth romping around if you can forgive its blatantly obvious setbacks.


3 Stars


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