Brigador: Up-Armored Edition | Mini Review!

What is it?

Brigador is a top-down isometric shooter, developed by Brigador and Gas Jockeys. Set on the planet of Novo Solo, you play as a “Brigador”, a mercenary hired by the SNC corporation to help them re-establish control and free it from the control of the NEP, a paramilitary organisation that took control some years ago. The objective in each level is to destroy specific buildings and structures. Collateral damage is both likely and encouraged.


Windows, OS X, Linux

Awesome 80s synth soundtrack
Great Red Alert 2-like aesthetic
Completely destructible environment
Plenty of robotic carnage to be had
Weaponry is diverse and punchy
Can get repetitive after a while
Controls can be a bit iffy
Ammo sometimes feels too limited


If what you want is a rampage, then look no further than Brigador. Originally released in 2016, then re-released a year later in a much improved “Up-Armoured” edition, the basic objective is to blow things up – and this is something that it does very, very well indeed.

The entire game plays out in an isometric view, with a graphical style reminiscent of other isometric games of the past. Particularly, I found games like Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2, which I’m convinced that this game must have taken some inspiration from, to the point that I could easily enough describe it as a more cyberpunk-y Tiberian Sun but you control only one unit. There are various vehicles to choose from, ranging from mechs to tanks and even hovering cars. Each vehicle have their own unique special moves, strengths and weaknesses, and can be outfitted with up to two different weapons as well. You can mix-and-match different vehicles and weapons to make every sortie a new experience.

And when it comes to blowing up stuff, the entire experience is an adrenaline trip. Everything in the game is completely destructable; you can use your mech to raze an entire base to the ground. The synth-heavy soundtrack also adds to this, with some wonderfully pounding beats to raise hell to. That said, that doesn’t stop the game from getting a little repetitive, so it’s best to play this one every so often rather than for hours at a time. That, and the KBM controls are a little wonky at times. Despite this however, this is one game I can heavily recommend.

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