Brunch Club | Mini Review

What is it?

Brunch Club is an indie title developed by Foggy Box Games and published by The Yogscast. In each stage, the objective is to create the requested meals before time runs out without dropping anything on the floor. You can move a single item at a time, albeit with some unrealistic, ‘floppy’ physics.


PC & Switch

Practice mode is very handy for getting used to the deliberately janky physics.
Multiple creative game modes, like a relay course, with three choices of difficulty.
Numerous twists, like a quake-inducing toaster and a sniper in the kitchen, prevents levels from feeling too samey.
Supports multiplayer for cooperative or competitive play.
Using makeshift bridges and platforms with cutlery and the like is frantic fun.
Some of the levels are just far too tedious for their own good higher difficulties.
Boring soundtrack played on loop.
Obnoxious, unnecessary narrator in the main menu relies on pop culture references for easy laughs.


As much as Brunch Club will make you want to headbutt a hole through your kitchen in anger, it’s actually an unexpectedly fun time-waster. There’s a good deal of game modes on offer with enough twists to justify its price tag. Thanks to some all too important updates since its release, it’s a great time-waster for solo play, but even better when playing with or against others.


4 Stars


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