Bunker Punks | Mini Review

What is it?

Bunker Punks is a rogue-light first-person shooter created by Ninja Robot Dinosaur. In a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, a squad of freedom fighters wage war against the corporate government by raiding corporate strongholds in search of armour, loot and credits. With these, you can customize your bunker, strengthen up your gang and fight your way through a sequence of highly-defended buildings before reaching the enemy HQ.



Sizeable arsenal made up of weapon variants, plus lots of gear that give handy stat boosts.
Punks have effective special abilities, with additional unlockable perks up for grabs.
Simple base-building mechanics offers upgrades and makes looting cash more fun.
Losing your punks allows you to unlock extra loot and bunker training rooms for the next playthrough.
You earn cash rewards for completing floors quickly.
Some bunker upgrades are too expensive and aren’t very helpful.
Level design is a bit bland and undetailed; too many long corridors, no secret areas.
No other objectives aside from killing a certain amount of enemies before reaching the exit.
Repetitive one-liners.
Health pickups are rare and barely heal you.


Randomized levels and grinding for goodies makes up the majority of Bunker Punks’ gameplay. Nothing groundbreaking, but it packs a fair bit of mileage. Having to scrape together pennies by smashing up stuff and selling leftover items is pretty satisfying, much like working toward that (eventual) perfect blitz to the final level in one sitting. So long as you don’t mind simplistic run ‘n’ gun fights to the elevator in each fairly samey level, it’s worth forking over a few bob.


3 Stars



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