BurgerTime Party! | Mini Review

What is it?

BurgerTime Party is a puzzle platformer by G-Mode, and is a modern remake of the arcade classic. Peter Pepper’s kitchen is overrun by spoiled ingredients. The chef needs to dodge enemies and traps as he creates giant burgers and hot dogs in over 100 stages.



Character designs look like something out of Cuphead.
Plenty of twists like slippery surfaces, treadmills, vents to travel through, etc..
Earn bonus points for combos and defeating foes in creative ways.
Ranking system does encourage some replayability.
Versus and Classic modes are frantic fun.
A lot of the big maps are a bit difficult to see on the Switch’s tiny screen.
Too much unnecessary filler.
Some steep requirements to get the top rankings on some levels.
You can’t drop off ledges.
Obnoxious and generic soundtrack


BurgerTime Party is a bit like fast food – it’s tastier with friends, but still somewhat enjoyable alone when taken in moderation. It’s hardly a sizzler, but it’ll sit well in your stomach if snagged at a discount.


3 Stars

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