Bus Simulator 2016 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Bus Simulator 2016 is a more serious simulation game than what I normally play – it puts you in control of a small bus company, with the idea of growing your fleet and controlling the busses around the city.



Plenty of busses to get.
Clear path to progress.
Looks great.
Fairly simple once you get the hang of things.
A little overwhelming at the start.
Made me a little motion sick.


Simulation games are quite fun, and the more realistic ones have become very popular lately. While playing Bus Simulator, I could definitely see why. It’s good fun, and still lets you be a little reckless, but it’s so much more fun being an actual bus driver. Making sure you hit all the targets, drive the bus perfectly, it’s a challenge! But definitely a fun one, and you should certainly pick this game up.


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