Calculator (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Calculator is a psyhological horror first-person shooter hybrid published by Sabec. Not only is it useful for solving mathematical equasions at just over the price of an actual scientific calculator, but it also puts you against the ghost of a Triad leader, who is out to steal your pet goose.



Includes my favourite number, ‘6’.
Offers helpful tips for a steamy relationship in bed.
Passionate, mind-blowing story.
Great voice acting, features Tom Ellis and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Works just like a scientific calculator.
May offend sensitive game journalists.
Poor representation of women of colour and those who identify as a bowl of potatoes.
Surprise twist at the end was predictable.
Lacks a shotgun.
Made my bum hurt after prolonged playtime.


With over seemingly limitless gameplay on offer here, Calculator is a must-have pick for Nintendo fanatics and math geeks alike.





5 Stars

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