Card Wars – Mini Review!

What is it?

Card Wars is a card game based off the Cartoon Network hit show, Adventure Time. It has a fantastic set of cards to collect and a decent length story to progress with, as well as being populated by everyone’s favourite cartoon adventurers.


Android & iOS

Really pretty game.
Lots of story mode.
Loads of cards.
Strong card game rules and mechanics.
Crafting cards is fun.
Limited plays for a paid app kinda seems shitty.


After playing, and being heavily disappointed by, Animation Throwdown, I got recommended Adventure Time’s Card Wars as a next game to try. I definitely wasn’t disappointed – it’s a terrific game, which is only let down by having to pay for extra ‘lives’, which, considering I’ve already paid £3.50 for the game, I wouldn’t necessarily want to do, as you don’t start with very many lives to begin with. It’s my only complaint though, and everything else with it is fantastic. Definitely worth £3.50, I highly recommend it!


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