Chippy – Mini Review!

What is it?

Chippy is a twin-stick, bullet-hell shooter created by Facepunch Studios, famously known as the geniuses behind Garry’s Mod. In it, you’re pitted against nothing but big ‘n’ mean bosses to battle it out with


Nintendo Switch

Colourful and eye-catching.
Creative attack patterns will make you sweat.
Tense gameplay with numerous power-ups to collect.
Automatically saves replays and scores, can check out others’ efforts.
Controls well with both keyboard and mouse.
Multiple bosses within each stage makes some battles drag on.
Forgettable soundtrack.
Steep learning curve.
Not a lot of replayability, unless you like perfecting scores.


Chippy is slick, polished and challenging, thus making it a great addition to any bullet-hell fans’ game library. Its difficulty spike and price tag does make it a tough one to recommend for anyone who doesn’t enjoy bobbing and weaving through millions of projectiles while simultaneously detaching pixelated limbs off of bosses (no matter how satisfying that may be) for upwards of 10 to 20 minutes per battle. While it would no doubt benefit from a co-op mode, it still has room for additional content like extra levels or mod support. 


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