Color Breakers | Mini Review

What is it?

Color Breakers is a co-op colouring game by deleon. You need to use the giant pencils scattered around each stage to fill in the canvas in the center of the stage to match the drawing. Once you fill in the canvas and successfully match the example picture, you’ll have to move onto the next – correctly fill as many of them in as possible before the timer expires to earn stars.




Four-player frantic co-op fun.
Complications on stages – like moving traffic, pirate ships, and earthquakes – add a new layer of challenge.
One unique twist per stage.
Minecraft-like visuals and upbeat soundtrack are nice.
Loads of unlockable characters.
Inconsistent difficulty.
Easier to play with other teams, though online mode is barren.
No online servers to search for.


Color Breakers is a thoroughly entertaining title for solo romps and shared-screen co-operative alike. It’s definitely recommended if you’re one for titles that try their damndest to shuffle things up with creative twists, and there are plenty of them here. Despite a bumpy difficulty curve and a lack of public servers, it’s still bloody good stuff.





4 Stars



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