Color Breakers | Mini Review

What is it?

Color Breakers is a party gam by deleon. You need to use the giant pencils scattered around each stage to fill in a canvas to match the drawing. Various twists and obstacles will try to stop you.



Creative complications that really heighten the challenge.
Just enough time to help you get by.
Frantic and exciting with lots of replayability.
Lots of unlockable characters, has that ‘Minecraft‘ aesthetic.
4-player local and online multiplayer..
Some inconsistencies in difficulty.
No public servers.
Getting three star scores will need at least two players.
Can be frustrating for less experienced players.


Color Breakers is a thoroughly entertaining title for solo romps and shared-screen co-operative alike. It’s definitely recommended if you’re one for titles that try their damndest to shuffle things up with creative twists, and there are plenty of them here. Would be great as a Switch title.





4 Stars



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