Conglomerate 451 | Mini Review!

What is it?

Conglomerate 451 is a grid-based, dungeon crawling FPS/RPG-hybrid developed by RuneHeads and published by 1C Entertainment. You are the head of an agency created to clean up a crime-ridden area of the futuristic megacity of “Conglomerate”, which is under the control of four corrupt corporations. You have to loosen their control over the area, and eventually liberate it from them. The protagonists of the game are clones, who can be generated at will and can die permanently on missions.



Additional minigames make the dungeon crawling a little more interesting
XCOM-like elements are a nice touch
Good-looking for an indie title
Mildly interesting Fallout-cum-KOTOR combat
Story and setting are a bit generic
Doesn’t really do enough that other games don’t also do
Lack of voice acting is disappointing


On the whole, Conglomerate 451 has a lot of potential, but its failings in its current state come from the fact that it could do with being a bit more ambitious. It’s a very good-looking game wiith some very nice area design which feels pretty vivid and alive, and the “cloning” mechanic is a pretty good touch, as is the combat which feels like Knights of the Old Republic with Fallout’s V.A.T.S thrown in. As it is right now, it feels just like a Blade Runner dungeon-crawler with XCOM-like bits, and while that’s a good start it still doesn’t quite rise above that, or for that matter the trappings of its genre. There’s only so much that can be done in said genre, and while Conglomerate 451 tries, it doesn’t shine too brightly. I’d only suggest picking this up if you really like turn-based dungeon-crawlers. I’d love to see a game like this rise above its station a bit as it goes through Early Access though, since if it aimed a bit higher it might be able to develop into something that shines, though right now it unfortunately doesn’t.


Want to know more?

Conglomerate 451 is in Early Access and is available to purchase on Steam for £12.99.

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