Cook, Serve, Delicious – Mini Review!

What is it?

Ever wanted to run your own restaurant? Think you’d be a carbon copy of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver or even Bob Belcher? This is the game for you. You’re tasked with taking a flagging restaurant to the dizzying heights by performing everything you’d expect a restauranteur to do: cooking, cleaning and even some social media thrown in too. It’s a very challenging task to reach the top, but with cutesy graphics and fast paced gameplay, it’s an enjoyable experience.


Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Lots of variety, from the tasks you do to the food you can cook.
Different food types require different actions for increased variety.
A challenge.
Fast paced, never sat around waiting.
Can be very difficult to keep up at times.
Takes a very long time to see any real progression.
May get repetitive if using the same menu items.


If you enjoy simulation and management games, this is definitely worth it. If you like games where you’re constantly being pushed to your limits, then this is definitely a game for you. Possibly not so much for more casual gamers due to it’s longevity and speed, but it’s a very enjoyable game and well worth a play.


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Vertigo Gaming

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