Counterspy – Mini Review!

What is it?

Counterspy is an espionage game available on Sony devices, as well as on mobile phones. You’re tasked with sneaking around either the allies’ or the axis’ secret bases to procure their plans to prevent nuclear moon war. You’re able to switch who you want to infiltrate every time you play the game, but each team has a DEFCON level, that gets raised every time you screw up, so it makes things interesting to say the least!


PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Android & iOS

Switching who to target is a good mechanic.
Great humour.
Clever mechanics in general.
Procedural generation is cool.
Poorly optimised level generation – long load times, laggy gameplay and frame rate drops.
Enticing, deep levels that can’t be explored.


Counterspy is a game that I did enjoy – when I was able to get into a level to play it. The long loading times were such a pain in the arse, and if I’m playing on my Vita, it generally means I’m on the go and want something to entertain me. I don’t want to be sat on a train watching a loading screen occasionally show a humorous hint. The game, when you’re in it, is stunning. Brilliant mechanics, tricky without being too difficult and great levels to play through, provided the procedural generation doesn’t generate too many guards and cause your frame rates to drop. Overall, I’d probably recommend it. It’s not without its foibles, but it is great fun if you can get beyond the issues.


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