Crash Bandicoot – Mini Review!

What is it?

Crash Bandicoot was Sony’s answer to Super Mario and Sonic, and became an unofficial icon of the Playstation era. His games offered players a platforming adventure, taking the madcap marsupial on a quest to defeat the nefarious Neo Cortex.



Bright and colourful.
Challenging levels.
Diverse level design.
Simple mechanics.
Saving is annoyingly hard.
Looks a little dated now.


Although it may look a little dated now, it is definitely remained one of the more enjoyable Playstation one games. Considering it was released nearly twenty years ago now, it’d be easy to dismiss it as retro game that has been far surpassed, but other than the two sequels on the Playstation, it’s difficult to name a game that has been released recently that will have such a lasting legacy that Crash will have on everyone who played it all those years ago. Definitely one to pick up on the Playstation Store.


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