Crash Drive 2 (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Crash Drive 2 is an open-world driving game by M2H Studios. Despite being a port of an iOS game, this mini review will specifically cover the Switch eShop version. Drivers can perform stunts, participate in minigames, and race one another at their own leisure. Earning a certain amount of points in each map will unlock new maps and vehicles.


Switch & iOS

Gameplay feels like a Tony Hawk’s game; loose physics engine for crazy stunts.
Four detailed maps are open, spacious locations filled with ramps and mountains.
A sizeable amount of events which are put in regular rotation; taking part is optional.
Can drop in and out of games online with minimal fuss.
Tank deathmatch mode.
Shaky camera that’ll clip through the environment at times.
Aren’t many incentives to keep revisiting these missions once you’ve unlocked the next.
Rubbish soundtrack; only one generic song plays during each event.
30 vehicles, most of which don’t feel very different from one another.
Lack of a challenge when playing offline.


Crash Drive 2 is a mindless driving game that could do with a handful of touch-ups. Regardless, what’s on offer is a fairly entertaining sandbox-esque experience that’s worth the ride, and is miles better than the phone version.


3 Stars


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