Crash Drive 3 | Mini Review

What is it?

Crash Drive 3 is a freeroam sandbox racing game by M2H. Maps can be explored in a variety of vehicles at your own pace, with stunts to pull off, collectibles to grab, and minigames to participate in for cash.


iOS, Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One

Very simple to get the hang of.
‘Floaty’ physics allows you to pull off some exaggerated stunts.
Lots of unlockable vehicles.
Massive levels with some great minigames to optionally participate in.
Cross-play between consoles and automatic drop-in sessions work great.
Performance issues on iOS.
Not as fun driving solo in offline mode.
Tank deathmatch is monotonous and requires you to visit an island in-game to access now.
Novelty wears off pretty quickly if you play long sessions at a time.
Decoratives are overpriced and offer no special effects.


Crash Drive 3 is still an upgrade over the original, with some general gameplay tweaks, new maps, and better visuals. It’s still goofy fun with plenty of competitive challenges to take part in, but gradually grinding to level up cars may start to feel stale after a few hours. Like using nitro in a race, sustained bursts of play time will promise more of a worthwhile experience.







4 Stars


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