Crash Match – Mini Review!

What is it?

Crash Match is a phone browser based game that at first looks rather like a reskinned Bejeweled but it turns out, it’s not quite the same. Foffat, the developer of this particular title tells us the game is about protecting Indian national park Kaziranga as a One-horned Rhino from “nuisance” cars.


Android, iOS & Windows Phone and coming soon to PC’s and Facebook.

Cute sprites.
Promoting extinction awareness.
It’s browser based… but for phones.
Does a bad job at promoting extinction awareness.
Isn’t clear it’s set in Kaziranga.
Gameplay is confusing and unstructured.


The gameplay is of course the most important part of most games and for casual games it is essential. Here it just doesn’t quite work. Whereas in Bejewelled and other similar matching games you need three jewels in a row to get things to kick off, here if you have two or more cars next to each other then they are instantly destroyed. It leaves little wiggle room for any true strategic play. It in fact makes it very difficult. The grid size is already very small so it leaves it down to luck what’s possible and what isn’t. It would be so much easier to manoeuvre pieces to where you wanted and more sensible if they only were destroyed when there were at least three in a row or better yet when you selected them. It’s a great shame, as the message the creators of this game are trying to put forward is a good one that I wholeheartedly support. Unfortunately the poor gameplay and lack of reference within the game towards the Rhinos or the park leave this message unheard. Lastly the browser based approach to mobile gaming isn’t something that really works. I wish all the best to the developer and hope they continue trying to promote issues such as this through their games, however this in particular just isn’t something I can recommend. If you do want to play though, visit Fofatt’s site on your phone to get started. The link is just below.


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