Dead Island – Mini Review!

What is it?

Dead Island is a first person survival horror game set on the fictional island of Banoi. After a crazy party, the whole zombie, bar a few people, have turned into flesh eating zombies, and it is your job to try to corral all the survivors and get off the island.


PC, PS3, XBox 360

Decent island to explore.
Fun customisation.
Combat is pretty decent.
Variety of zombies to kill.
Combat sucks after you get a gun.
Definitive Edition ruins the game.


Dead Island has plenty of things that make it good fun, but with the removal of the original version from the Steam store, it’s quite tricky to recommend it. The latest version features a lot of bugs that make it a bit less playable and less enjoyable, but if you can find a first edition, it’s still worth playing.


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