Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – Mini Review!

What is it?

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a game set in an alternate timeline to the original Dead Rising 2. Following the protagonist of the first Dead Rising game, Fred West, you set about documenting all the zombie horror that is around you by taking photos. The photos you take also double up as a way to level up, as they can give you generous amounts of experience.


PS3, PS4

Even more great weapons to construct.
Plenty to see.
Great map design.
Fun camera mechanic.
Better than the original.
AI are still stupid.
Timer is still a nuisance


When I think about the first Dead Rising 2 game, on my list of things missing definitely wasn’t “taking photos of my kills”. But it really should have been. That little feature actually adds a surprising amount, and increases the amount of time you can spend playing the game, as you’ll always strive to take some of the best photos, as well as murdering countless brainless zombies. Another great game that should be in your library.


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