Death And Taxes | Mini Review

What is it?

Death And Taxes is a a narrative-based title by Placeholder Gameworks, that responsibility is placed upon your bony shoulders. Created by a celestial being known only as “Fate”, your job as the Grim Reaper is to sign paperwork in order to decide who lives and dies.



PC, Switch

The predominantly black-and-white artwork and voice acting is top-notch stuff.
Killing off certain people can greatly affect the world; actions feel like they have a lot of influence.
Can replay the game with your previoiusly unlocked goodies.
Multiple endings to unlock.
Great voice acting.
Some seemingly-useless knick-knacks at the shop.
Gameplay is rather minimalistic and can feel a bit samey.
Dialogue exchanges can sometimes drag on and feel fairly inconsequential.
Screen can get a bit cluttered.
Touch screen controls aren’t that helpful on the Switch.


Death And Taxes is a thoughtful, well-written and engaging experience that makes filing paperwork more complicated than before, albeit in a good way. Providing you don’t mind its minimalistic gameplay loop, that being box-ticking and picking out lines of dialogue, you’ll likely come to realize it’s a killer of a narrative-centric title.


4 Stars



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