Detective Case – Mini Review!

Title Screen

What is it?

Detective Case & Clown Bot in: Murder at the Hotel Lisbon is a humourous point and click adventure set in a small town filled with odd little mysteries and even odder people. It has a few side quests to keep you entertained when the main story is complete, and the interrogations are always entertaining.



Very entertaining game.
Mechanics are decent.
Interrogations are very amusing.
Too buggy.
Too many crashes.
No autosave.


Whilst the humour will get a few laughs out of you, the bugs in the game will inevitably have you tearing your hair out. It’s got some great mechanics in it, especially when questioning your suspects, but the lack of an autosave really makes the crashing all the more irritating and off putting. Not something I’d really recommend unless you save frequently.


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