Disco Elysium (PC) | Mini Review

What is it?

Disco Elysium is a detective game that sees you trying to solve a murder mystery, after a weekend of debauchery and having completely forgotten everything that had happened in your life up until that point. You’re joined by Kim Kitsuragi, a detective from a different precinct in order to try to track down the villain of Revachol.



Extremely funny.
Interesting characters.
Plenty of side quests
Loads of lore.
Interesting and varied skills.
Skill checks can lead to dead ends if failed.
Felt the ending was weak.
Voice acting was a bit lame.


I did thoroughly enjoy Disco Elysium, but I felt there were parts where it could certainly be improved – most of all the ending of the story. The skill checks, while quite fun whether you get it right or wrong, can also be extremely frustrating as it is possible to get stuck on certain parts when you can’t get any more experience to level the skill to retry the skill check. Other than that though, it’s got a lot to it. Loads of quests, loads of amazing jokes and some extremely interesting and fun characters to play as, as well as styles to play as too. Definitely worth playing.


4 Stars