DOOM 3: BFG Edition | Mini Review

What is it?

DOOM 3: BFG Edition is a compilation of five DOOM titles. It includes an updated version of DOOM 3 along with two expansions: Resurrection of Evil and the Lost Mission (made up of cut levels). It also includes The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, and the No Rest For The Living chapter for the aforementioned sequel. In each title, you play as a lone space marine who must single-handedly fend off a demon invasion and fight through Hell itself to crush any and all evil beings in your way.



DOOM 3 is in HD with better framerate and aspect ratio.
Includes VR support, a shoulder-mounted flashlight, and other slice-of-life improvements.
Still an atmospheric and disturbing title with very impressive lighting and visuals for the time.
Powerful and effective arsenal for use against an eclectic mix of bad.
Classic DOOM games are timeless.
Extra ammo dumps makes the game significantly easier.
Too many samey tech base levels.
Cutscenes are excessively bright; some levels aren’t as spooky due to the tweaked lighting in certain areas.
Barebones multiplayer mode is dead and has no bot support.
Lacks other retro DOOM expansions; DOOM II censors the Wolfenstein missions.


Newcomers who’ve played very little of DOOM should find this hamper a treat, as it’s well optimised to run on pretty much any PC these days with ease. The originals will always be classics, but DOOM 3 always was an odd duck. In the end, no amount of jump-scares or traps could liberate it from its gameplay, which starts off promising but falls victim to repetitiveness after a bit of a while. Still, if you don’t mind running through thematically-familiar environments and being forced to listen to audio logs to unlock doors and weapon lockers, then you’ll be reassured to know that the kick-ass arsenal and vicious enemies you’ll be up against will at least offer a decent amount of run-’n’-gun fun on the whole.



3 Stars

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