DOOM II: No Rest For The Living | Mini Review

What is it?

DOOM II: No Rest For The Living is an add-on for the first-person shooter DOOM II: Hell on Earth. The add-on was developed by Nerve Software in 2010. The plot of the game continues on Earth after the DOOM Marine has seemingly destroyed the rest of the hellspawn during the invasion.


XBLA, PS3, Switch

Nine large, detailed and thoroughly polished levels.
Puts up a challenge without it being too unfair most of the time.
Portions of each level don’t need to be explored in order to exit, but they do offer bonus goodies if you can access them.
BFG 9000 and ammo backpacks are very rare, to prevent it from being too forgiving.
Cat-and-mouse boss battle in the finale.
Hell-themed levels overuse red textures.
A few missions near the end get clogged with enemies that block your path.
Accessing the secret level is a bit confusing.


DOOM II: No Rest For The Living is a brilliant episode of a very high-quality. While it gets a bit shaky in the second-half, no thanks to the developers’ tendency to overuse textures and flood certain areas with foes (and a few Arch-Viles!), it’s easily one of the better expansions from the series that also doesn’t overstay its welcome with excess fodder.



4 Stars

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