Down to Hell | Mini Review

What is it?

Down to Hell is a side-scroller slasher by Red Dead Studio S.A. In it, you are a knight who’s really good at killing supernatural creatures. Your goal is to liberate a godly entity that previously saved you from the brink of death.


PC, Switch

Cool opening cutscene; and the narrator has a nice voice.
Vivid and detailed backgrounds.
Jerky animations makes each character look like they’re puppets attached to invisible strings.
The generic music is mostly made up of series of looped drum beats.
Borked controls, occasionally unresponsive.
Shallow and unsatisfying combat.
Lazy level layout with instant-kill traps.


Down to Hell couldn’t be more appropriately named. It simply just doesn’t work as intended. The controls are unresponsive, the combat’s boring, the level design is laughably simple, and the visuals are downright naff. It’s about as fun as coating your private parts with napalm before sticking it under a bunsen burner.


1 Star


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