Dual Brain Vol. 1: Calculation | Mini Review

What is it?

Dual Brain Vol. 1: Calculation is a puzzle game developed and published by D-O Corporation in 2019. It is made up of six mini-games that throw questions and tasks at you, such as finding multiples and adding numbers on dice, in rapid succession. The objective is to answer as many of these as possible within a minute for the best possible score.



Mini-games are pretty fun.
‘Dual Task’ mini-game (must hit bumper buttons at the right time) mixes gameplay up and adds more time.
Very simple to get the hang of, but fairly tricky to master.
Flashy and colourful with a decent soundtrack.
Rank system is pointless.
No other game modes.
A bit pricey, considering its size.
Some games are a bit too easy.


Like Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training? Dual Brain Vol. 1 is a bit like that. It’s good for short and quick sessions, and it can be a pretty entertaining party game as well. The price is a bit steep, and while it’s nothing mind-blowing, it’s still frantic fun.


3 Stars


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