Dual Brain Vol. 2: Reflex | Mini Review

What is it?

Dual Brain Vol. 2: Reflex is a puzzle game developed and published by D-O Corporation in 2020. It is made up of six mini-games that throw questions and tasks at you, such as pressing buttons shown on-screen and matching coloured tiles, in rapid succession. The objective is to answer as many of these as possible within a minute for the best possible score.



Mini-games are pretty enjoyable.
‘Dual Task’ mini-game (must hit bumper buttons at the right time) is still a nice addition that rewards you with more time.
More variety compared to before.
No other new, meaningful inclusions.
Same issues seen in the first game apply here.
Still a bit pricey, considering its size.
Inconsistent difficulty.


Dual Brain Vol. 2: Reflex bares a bit of an uncanny resemblance to the likes of the WarioWare series. Yet, it still feels just as malnourished as its predecessor. That’s not to say it’s bad, far from it. In fact, even if it’s awfully familiar to the previous game, it’s bound to entertain you if you want to occasionally spend a bit of time on a pick-up-and-play title. Dual Brain is best enjoyed as a snack in between bigger games.


3 Stars


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