Dual Brain Vol. 3: Shapes | Mini Review

What is it?

Dual Brain Vol. 3: Shapes is a puzzle game developed and published by D-O Corporation in 2020. It is made up of six mini-games that throw questions and tasks at you, such as counting blocks and fitting shapes into holes, in rapid succession. The objective is to answer as many of these as possible within a minute for the best possible score.



Mini-games are quite good.
Leaderboards encourage replayability.
Makes for some great competitive couch play .
‘Dual Task’ mini-game (must hit bumper buttons at the right time) is still a nice addition that rewards you with more time.
Some of the games are notably trickier than before.
Still no other new, meaningful inclusions.
Same issues seen in the first game apply here.
The arrow and shape-matching games may incorrectly mark correct answers as incorrect.
Price is still too high.


Dual Brain Vol. 3 may as well be the best entry in the series thanks to its fairly tricky games that remain accessible for players of all skills. Once again, though, it’s still nothing groundbreaking or vastly different compared to what’s been shown before. Main thing is, it still delivers exuberant puzzle-solving activities that won’t eat up much of your time.


3 Stars


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