Duke Nukem II (PC) | Mini Review!

What is it?

Duke Nukem II is a 2D platformer developed and published by Apogee Software. Our hero is abducted by the Rigelatins during a talk show, in hopes of harvesting his brain. Not one for giving up, Duke breaks free and sets off to do what he does best: kick ass!



Slick movement, responsive controls and great combat. New selection of weapons.
Big health bar instead of one-hit kills and no lives.
Luscious colours and great artwork. Runs smoothly.
Challenging, non-linear levels, occasionally with new objectives to mix things up. Checkpoints are available, too.
Catchy, upbeat soundtrack by Bobby Prince. Satsfying sound effects.
Still can’t save mid-game, need to reach a new level.
Even with the on-screen map, flying enemies can appear without warning to hurt Duke.
Some bullet-sponge enemies with insanely quick reaction times.
Levels can be a bit confusing at times.
Items that give points are still useless.


Second-time charm for Duke! His second outing in the world of video games is a classic in every sense of the word, with better levels, combat, visuals, music… simply put, it’s a straight-up improvement over its predecessor. Despite a few niggles, there’s tonnes of fun to be had with its awesome levels and great gameplay.

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