Elite: Dangerous – Mini Review!

What is it?

If ever you’ve wished to go to space, never before have you been able to get closer. This recreation of our entire galaxy allows you to venture forth and explore the stars in which we call the Milky Way. Helps powers rise and fall, trade valuable goods, bounty hunt or perhaps become a ruthless pirate: the choice is yours. Do all this in a world populated by other players.


PC (Coming to PS4 and Xbox One)

Incredibly atmospheric.
The science in it, is surprisingly accurate for the most part.
It’s tough but all challenge can be overcome with skill and experience.
Big updates to come.
Fantastic musical score.
Not the most beginner friendly game in the world.
Can be very unforgiving.
Needs a constant connection to the internet.


A fantastic addition to the Elite series of old. Often it can feel as if there is little to do but it’s not all that surprising in a world so monumentally vast. Never before has a game been so huge and perhaps that’s for a reason, still, it is something to see indeed and I highly recommend doing just that if you’re intrigued. If you like flight sims, space games or are looking for something new to play with friends then I advise you to look no further.


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