Empire TV Tycoon – Mini Review!

What is it?

Empire TV Tycoon is a management sim which sees you take control of a TV channel, and you need to put on the best programmes to win the viewers attention. It’s a game that is clearly inspired by the 1991 game MAD TV, offering a very similar experience, but with a more up to date catalogue and a nicer interface. There’s two modes to play in, an excellent endless mode and a story mode, both of which offer a lot of interesting and fun challenges and choices, making the game definitely one of the more fun tycoon games out there.



Endless mode is fantastic.
Starting a specialised channel is also pretty cool.
Wide variety of things to put on and people to cater for.
Vibrant and addictive.
Story mode can end quite abruptly.


Empire TV Tycoon is definitely a good game, and since the 1.1 patch, it’s addressed all my concerns with it. The developers are clearly listening to their audience and implementing some really good ideas put forward, so it’s definitely a team worth supporting, and a game worth having.


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