Escape From Tethys (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Escape From Tethys is a Metroidvania side-scroller by Whimsical. Trapped on a distant planewhile being hunted down by a droid that’s ready to kill, you must jump and shoot your way through a number of levels to escape the planet.


PC & Switch

Upgradable weapons.
Secret areas in abundance.
Easy to get the hang of but tricky to complete.
Passable graphics, runs well enough.
Dull combat.
Pinpoint precision required with jumps.
Uninteresting enemies.
Boring boss battles.
Needs more save points.


Escape From Tethys is a forgettable and bland title given the Switch treatment. Not a lot to praise here – there are more interesting titles to snag instead.


2 Stars

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