Escape Lala 2 | Mini Review

What is it?

Escape Lala 2 is a point-and-click adventure game by DuckbearLab. The princess of the mysterious land of Lala is missing. There are many secrets to unfold and puzzles to solve in order to find out what happened.



Luminous pixel art visuals reminiscent of point-and-click titles from the nineties.
Soothing soundtrack and quaint harmonies give the title a warm atmosphere.
Puzzles are usually fair in difficulty.
Hidden gold coins offer hints, but holding onto them unlocks more secret areas at the end.
Fast-travelling and no loading times.
Using items in puzzles can be perplexing when you don’t know exactly where to click.
Fairly short game; only lasts a few hours.


There’s something about Escape Lala 2 that just… clicks. In fact, it’s a whole heap of things. Not only does it look and sound wonderful, there are no lengthy waiting times stopping you in your tracks. Its puzzles are not too daunting, but there are more than a few fiendish ones to behold. Even if it’s notably short, it’s hard not to praise such an enchanting game.


4 Stars


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