Escape of Cthulhu – Mini Review!

What is it?

Escape of Cthulhu is a mobile game created by House of Diogenes’ games, a Spanish indie developer. It’s an artsy game where the main objective is to run as far as you can away from Cthulhu and evade the beasts that come your way.It’s an infinite side-scroller, with options to jump and crouch to avoid any incoming enemies, as well as to collect any arcane symbols.




Fast Paced
No background music, making it feel a little soulless
Great hand drawn art style
Crouching animation looks more like a limbo animation
Easy to pick up and play
Gets a little too fast too early on which may be a turn off for more casual players
Excellent intro movie with good voice over
Adverts, while infrequent in this game and never in the middle of actual gameplay, are never a positive.


The nature of the game means it’s not something I’d play for hours on end, but it’s not a bad game. It’s one I’d be happy to play while I’m bored on a train, and while it doesn’t have a soundtrack, it’s responsive and enjoyable. Would recommend it for casual mobile players.

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