Fallout 4 – Mini Review!

What is it?

The latest AAA game to roll off of Bethesda’s production line, Fallout 4 gives you the opportunity to explore another part of the wasteland that the US has become after the bombs dropped in 2077. It offers much the same abilities that previous Bethesda titles gave us, but with a few additional niceties, such as settlement building and a decent crafting system.



Great world to explore.
Decent voice acting from NPCs.
Nice variety of quests.
Settlement building is fun.
Craft all the things!
Companions are much, much better.
Old, buggy engine.
Skills have been removed.
Only skill-check in conversations is Charisma.
No low-intelligence speech options.
Playable character is dull and poorly directed.


Fallout 4 was hyped so much that it could never truly deliver on the promise, but I still feel disappointed in the game and let down by Bethesda in what I see as a bit of a step backwards in terms of quality with their games. The nice new additions are great, but they need to ditch the engine they’re using and return to what made their previous games so good. Obviously, people will buy this game, and it is still decent, but it’s not the gaming equivalent of the second coming, as the hype would have suggested.


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