Fallout: New Vegas – Mini Review!

What is it?

Fallout New Vegas is the fourth game in the Fallout series, the second after the take over by Bethesda, and the first (and so far only) since that take over that was written by the original series writers. Dropping you in the state of Nevada, you pick up as a person who has just been shot in the head while delivering a parcel. It is up to you to retrieve that parcel and deliver it to it’s rightful owner.


PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Best Fallout since Bethesda took the series on.
Phenomenal writing.
Great quest lines.
Amazing DLC.
Some of the mods available are cracking.
Few bugs here and there.


It may look dated, but the quality of the writing, combined with the quantity of mods available for it, make the game well worth playing. Still suffering from the Bethesda bug blight, the game does have some annoying little issues, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it. Definitely get this game.


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