Final Fantasy VIII – Mini Review!

What is it?

Final Fantasy VIII is the eighth instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise. Set in a wide, well populated world with plenty of different areas to explore. You play as Squall Leonheart, an angsty teen that heads a group of elite soldiers, trained by Balamb Garden.


PC, PS1, PS3 & PS Vita

Really fun to play through.
Best mini-game in the franchise.
My favourite soundtrack from Nobuo Uematsu.
Interesting junction system.
Characters are vibrant and enjoyable.
Looks dreadful now.
Can be very easy to ‘game’ the game and make it very easy.
Monsters level with you, so it’s possible to be massively overpowered early on.


Final Fantasy VIII is probably one of my favourite games in the Final Fantasy franchise. The lead character might be a bit of an angsty twat, but there are a lot of lovable characters alongside him. The main reason I love this game so much is Triple Triad – which is, hands down, the best mini game in any Final Fantasy game ever, even moreso than Blitzball in FFX. Simply put, this game is well worth owning.


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