Final Fantasy XV – Mini Review!

Final Fantasy XV

What is it?

Final Fantasy XV is the latest instalment in the popular Final Fantasy series. Taking the role of Prince Noctis, you set off on the way to your fiancée, the Oracle from a neighbouring country. The last Final Fantasy I properly played was FFX, so I was intrigued to see what was different, and also what was the same with the series I sank so many hours in as a child.


PS4 & XBox One

Looks absolutely phenomenal.
Open world is engaging and pretty large.
Plenty of side quests to keep you busy.
Lots of throwbacks to previous games.
Banter between the characters is enjoyable.
Wonderful soundtrack.
A lot of loading screens.
Some people are fairly poorly explained.


I was very much on the fence about buying this game. I hadn’t really sunk too much time into FFXIII, and hadn’t played the MMOs at all, so I really didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I started it though, I found it very difficult to put it down. Everything is so engaging and fun to run around and do. The new battle mechanics were really well executed (although summoning is a bit crap), and it felt like no Final Fantasy I’d ever played before. They’ve kept a strong story, a magnificent soundtrack and cutting edge graphics, so really, the game was always going to be a winner. Definitely buy this game.


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