Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire – Mini Review!

What is it?

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a game that allows you to build your own empire, using the heroes of the hit Square-Enix game, Final Fantasy XV.


iOS & Android

Looks great.
Lots of different buildings and quests.
Almost feels like pay-to-play.
So many ads.


I downloaded this game for two reasons – the first was because I liked Final Fantasy XV so wanted to see what this was, and the second and most important reason was that for levelling up my citadel to level 10, I’d get some tokens for Top Eleven 2017. I’ll admit it’s not a game genre that appeals to me, and the game itself is just so dull. It’s also loaded with crap adverts that spam you after you do almost anything, so I really didn’t get on with it. One to miss, for sure.


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