Football Manager 2016 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Football Manager is a series of games that allow players to take control of a club and manage it to the top. There are hundreds of teams across dozens of leagues to play as, and hundreds of thousands of players – both real and generated – to recruit to help make your team the best it can be.



So much depth it’s unreal.
Fairly realistic player development.
Super addictive.
Generated new players give you a reason to keep playing.
Able to really build a dynasty at a club.
Game engine isn’t perfect.
Can be daunting.


I love Football Manager. It combines everything that is great about football games and simulation games and allows players to do pretty much whatever they want to a club. I’ve played every game since it became Football Manager, and year on year, they improve. It may be tiny things that they improve, but they always do improve. I cannot wait for FM2017, because FM2016 was a fantastic game, and it gives me great hope for the next version.


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