Football Manager 2018 – Mini Review!

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What is it?

The new Football Manager has arrived, for the 2017/18 season. With it, comes the usual barrel of new features and quirks, as well as the crippling addiction most people face with it.



Scouting overhaul is pretty nifty for lower league management.
Data Analysts and Sports Scientists now have stats.
As fun as it always is.
More ways to analyse your teams performance.
Weirdly has a soundtrack this year.
3D engine hasn’t improved much.
Team talks have more clicks.


I’ve got every Football Manager game since they became Football Manager in 2005. It offers exactly what I want in a football management game, with a level of control that other games just can’t offer. As opposed to some of the older instalments, this one does feel like an improvement on 2017, so is worth getting.


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