Freedom Wars – Mini Review!

What is it?

Freedom Wars is a Japanese action role playing game, set in a dystopian world where the worst crime you can commit is forgetting who you are. It’s a game that offers real time battles with a variety of weapons, enemies and items to pick up, as well as giving a very well thought out world to explore – when you’ve unlocked the rights to do so anyway. There’s a lot of parallels to 1984 as well, with round the clock surveillance and a world where even the smallest things are crimes.


PS Vita

Great world design.
Decent graphics.
Enjoyable battles.
Well thought out lore.
Good voice acting – although it is in Japanese.
If you don’t know Japanese, the voice acting/announcements can get annoying, but there are subtitles.
Can be a bit harsh to new players as everything imaginable is a crime.
Overloaded with how-to-play popups.


I’ve owned a PS Vita for a while now and although I have played a few games on it, very few retain my interest beyond a few hours. Freedom Wars has changed that and I’ve found myself glued to it for hours on end. It provides a decent world, excellent lore and an intriguing story to play, all of which makes for a really enjoyable game. The Japanese voice acting can grate a little, especially for those who don’t know Japanese, but it’s not too intrusive and should be easily ignored. It’s free this month for players who have PS+, so definitely worth picking up as it is something that all players will like.


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