Frustrate-a-ball | Mini Review!

What is it?

Frustrate-a-ball is a paddle-and-ball game by Addictive 247 Games. The objective is to keep juggling the ball for as long as possible without letting it drop off-screen for the highest possible score.



Power-ups make your paddle bigger, creates multiple balls, and more.
You can change the background colour.
All you need to press is a single button.
There are leaderboards.
Annoying voices exclaiming ‘you is dead’ when you lose.
Feels out-of-place on the PC.
Little replayability and no achievements.
Obnoxious soundtrack.
Better games to be found on Steam for a few quid.


The few twists on offer here is not enough to set itself apart from other games like it. It’s a half-decent way to kill a few minutes if played on your phone, so why bother giving it a whirl on a PC? Frustrate-a-ball is frustrating in all of the wrong ways.


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