FRZ – Mini Review!

What is it?

Reminiscent of Micro Machines, FRZ – or Free Racing Zero – is a top down racing game developed by Fingersoft, available for iOS and Android devices. The game is great fun, with plenty of courses, an upgradeable car and a global leaderboard to compete in. They’ve also implemented a way to make ads much less annoying, by offering rewards in return for watching them, including in game money and car upgrades.


iOS & Android

Plenty of tracks to play
Tracks are short, making for fast fun play.
Easy to control
Ingenious use of ads
Can use a fair bit of data.
Need to keep up with upgrading your vehicle in order to continue winning.


Fingersoft are well versed in making great mobile games and FRZ is no different. It’s a quality racing game with plenty of replay value and challenge, making it a game that would grace any phone, especially as it’s a free game. It does use a fair bit of data but as long as you’ve got a lot of data on your plan or are connected to wifi, you’ll be fine. Definitely worth picking up.


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