Futurama – Mini Review!

What is it?

Futurama is a PS2 game for the series of the same name. It’s an action adventure hybrid that sees you play as all of the cast of the series, performing tasks to try to prevent Mom from destroying the Earth.



Still looks phenomenal.
Fully voice acted.
Wonderfully funny.
Great story.
Controls are pretty awful.
Camera angles are crap.
Some characters are strangely omitted.


I love Futurama – it’s one of my favourite ever TV series, but I never actually played the PS2 game until recently. I knew of it’s existence, but not how maddeningly difficult it is. The characters are all fully voiced and it fits in with the series flawlessly, but it is incredibly frustrating to play. Controls, cameras, everything was just a bit too tricky to get used to. One to miss, unfortunately.


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