Galaxy Warfighter (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Galaxy Warfighter is a side-scroller sh’mup by GTP Media. You fly a ship and blow up baddies for coins, ’nuff said.


PC, Switch & iOS

No gimmicks, no boring plot points or lengthy strips of dialogue weighing this title down.
Useful special attacks numerous upgrades available.
100 short but sweet levels.
Loads of coins and treasures to collect.
Manouvering around enemy projectiles while gunning down hundreds of enemy ships is mindless fun.
Only 3 bosses, two of can be defeated within seconds.
The game is a bit too easy.
Repetitive gameplay.
Its soundtrack is limited to a mere few tracks.
Visuals aren’t anything special.


It may be awfully repetitive and a bit of a cakewalk, but Galaxy Warfighter is still a cheap, decent li’l shmup with some hard-hitting weaponry and nifty power-ups. It’s nothing remarkable, but dipping in ‘n’ out of this one can be a pretty fun way to kill a few minutes from time to time.


3 Stars


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